Monday, 15 October 2012


When it comes to Polka dots  you can NEVER go wrong. The Caps is to emphasize the NEVER...well haven't been to anywhere in a while, been so busy with work, i decided to post something I enjoy other than Places and taking pictures....FASHION....yes!! almost every ladies' dream apart from Cars, houses, Ice cream,Cake, Chocolate

Polka dots have been a rave this season on the runways and soon this runway trend has found its way into our Hollywood Stylista's Closet...Be it the Cute tops, Short dresses and sleek pants or the Red-Carpet avatar...Dots and Spots work the magic everywhere..!!

I felt Monday was a perfect day to wear Polka dots and it was a great time to combine my Black and Pink polka dot blouse from Forever21....paired with my George Skirt(I play too safe) and purple shoes given to me by my dear friend Dmama (kisses)...

Love my chunky Bracelet from an antique store in Dublin

My wet and wild mascara + LA girl Fuchsia Pink lipstick

Well the process was quite easy to do... I am not a makeup person, but went into a store and saw the most gorgeous lipstick colour...Pink Fuschia with Blue Undertones(LA Girl Lipstick) LC542 Sexy is the code...I just had to use it today and it was really nice...

So This is all I had to work with and I felt just right....

Get the Look...

Blouse-Forever 21
Skirt-Asda George
Lipstick-LA girl LC542 Sexy
Shoes-Purple Patent Pumps


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