Friday, 22 February 2013


Happy new year in February, yup yup....its relatively two months too late....Naa we are still in a BRAND NEW YEAR *Whoop whoop*. Its 2013......

November and December were so much FUN, I decided to take the much needed Vacay and guess what??? it was a pain finding the right LOCATION.

Well I and my girlfriends decided to do it in Africa because it was a short time to plan a trip out of Africa, that would take months, serious Cash, Visa and all dem travel wahala. So we Opted for BENIN REPUBLIC., but still the same issues, LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION!!!.

Well as the Organizer kinda, i had to go browse the Internet for the PERFECT Place and then my GF Timi tells me of a place and I look it up PERFECT!!!....its called LA CASA DEL PAPA.....yippeee... I checked the reviews and they were awesome....If you want a  QUIET GETAWAY with your friends, your spouse or whoever, please think LA CASA DEL PAPA

LA CASA DEL PAPA is about 45 Mins from Cotonou situated in OUIDAH near Togo. OUIDAH is called the snake Village and yeah there are "SNAKES" lol. The most expensive room is the Privilege double where we stayed and it was about 25,000 Naira, the Cheapest is about 10-15,000 Naira, and the Maximum is three a room as you have to pay for an extra bed if you are 3.

I had to do a transfer payment through Ecobank, as we had to book 3-4 weeks before time cos of availability.

We stayed in the "privilege double," which turned out to be wonderful! We had a bungalow all by ourselves with a nice front porch facing the ocean! Very relaxing! The room is nice and clean. The ground is well kept. We loved to walk over to the lagoon side and sit in the lounge in the middle of the lagoon! It's like we were in another world, isolated from the rest of the world around it. Since we were not there over the weekend, it was pretty quiet, till the weekedn came and people started trooping it, still it was fun... The food was good though a bit more expensive than other places in Benin but still reasonable N1500-N3000 will get you a good Lunch and Dinner as breakfast is free but limited,I really got tired of the breakfast quickly. We weren't too keen on the voodoo stuff and did pretty well ignoring it. But things relating to the history of the slave trade, including the slave route and the Chacha Square nearby, are worth visiting.

I cant forget Fashion, NEVER!!!, so we packed for the trip and took the below cos of the heat:


-of cos Bikini *wink wink*

WARNING AND DOWNSIDES:  Please have a yoruba or french person in ur trip to make communication easier, they barely understand or speak english.
-If its your first trip to Benin republic, have a valid YELLOW CARD and be ready to drop some cash, the BORDER IS A will pass through so many checks with corrupt benin officials....Just have enough Cash....
Another thing, the wifi signal is not so strong around the rooms, but better at the restaurant and most strong at the lagoon view .

Yes If I was reading this BLOG I would have screamed:PICTURES PICTURES PICTURES!!! so lets have it....

shallow and deep pools facing the sea


Cross-section of restaurant

sea view

our Bungalow

Bungalow facing the sea

Inside the room 

they have pasta, beef, chicken and seafood dishes


spaghetti bolognaise, my lunch, so tasty

Lagoon view

Bicycle riding

just chilled

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Ray ban and playsuit

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Thanks and Adios!!!


  1. lovely dear!!!i'm inspired, my girlfriends and I are always planning and barely'v got to do something pretty soon!

  2. you sure have to with the girls!!!...Take a trip to the maldives or the carribeans or even places in Africa, dont limit yourself...Plan and Execute